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During 2020 the demand for charcuterie shot through the roof.  The gorgeously delicious arrangements offered a welcome reprieve from the boredom of sheltering at home. Soon, they become a staple at gatherings, meetings and celebrations as well as an amazing, personalized gift.

Small businesses popped up all over the world to meet this massive demand. 

As the world returned to normal, so did the rules, regulations and requirements for food based businesses.  But the demand for charcuterie only continued increasing.

Because nearly all new charcuterie business began as home-based, many owners had no previous experience or insight as to how to operate correctly.

Many were left confused, anxious and often struggling to figure out what to do, having no centralized resource to answer the questions they all faced.

The ICA was created to help guide owners from startup to “legacy” stages, providing step-by-step help from knowledgeable advisors with the hands-on to make a positive impact.

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Meet The Founder

Jonny Andrews has nearly 20 years of hands-on experience in the field of business development & marketing.

With successful exits, working with more than 16K entrepreneurs and launching over 250 web businesses, he has become a sought after resource for new and experienced owners alike.

Today, he and his wife, Liz, operate a successful Chicago area charcuterie catering business. In less than 3 years they grew from a home-based venture to a commercial location with 18 staff, a delivery crew and more than 250K charcuterie creations delivered.

Andrews founded ICA to share their knowledge and  experiences in order to help reduce the struggles so many charcuterie business owners experienced after getting started. 


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