Create profitable, local workshops that increase your bottom line even without a an already established charcuterie business, commercial kitchen or any previous experience!

Learn To Host Profitable Charcuterie Workshops And Pack Them With Excited Students Every Time!

Whether you have an existing charcuterie catering business or want to work from home, hosting workshops can be an amazing way to grow your profits!

Even better? You DO NOT need to already have an existing charcuterie catering business to get started! In fact, you DO NOT need to have a commercial kitchen and can bypass most of the startup costs and hurdles associated with having a catering business.

Scroll down to read more about our powerful, comprehensive local charcuterie workshop building masterclass!

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Learn To Host Workshops Packed With Excited, Paying Students!

Here's What's Covered Inside This Comprehensive Workshop Creating Masterclass:

Offering charcuterie food art style classes doesn't have to be daunting or require a hefty initial investment in commercial spaces or navigating complex regulations.

Workshops are a low-risk, high-reward opportunity for BOTH professional business owners as well as enthusiasts wishing to create high-profit local, engaging charcuterie classes for your community and beyond!


Know Your Different Workshops

This section empowers you to tailor your workshops to various audience types and settings, maximizing engagement and profitability. Whether you're interested in hosting intimate private sessions, vibrant public classes, specialized corporate events, or fun-filled kids' workshops, you'll learn to design experiences that delight participants and differentiate your offerings in the market. This knowledge equips you to appeal to a broader clientele, ensuring your workshops are a hit from the start.


Understanding Hosting Venues

Creating effective local charcuterie workshops hinges on understanding the diversity of hosting venues. Whether it's a cozy session at a local wine shop, a vibrant class in a bustling community center, or an exclusive event at a high-end restaurant, each venue offers unique benefits. This course segment arms you with the knowledge to choose the perfect spot for your culinary adventures, ensuring each workshop reflects the ambiance and experience you wish to deliver. Dive deep into how different settings can elevate your workshops from simple gatherings to memorable, enriching experiences.


Selecting Your Featured Goodies

This section will equip you with the knowledge to choose the perfect boards or trays and all the featured foods for their classes, ensuring every workshop is a memorable, mouth-watering experience. It's an essential skill set for creating engaging, high-value workshops that participants will love, share, and come back for more.


Pricing Your Events Strategically

Master the art of crafting attractive price points that not only cover your costs but also ensure a healthy profit margin. Whether you're aiming for exclusive private sessions or larger public classes, learn how to adjust your pricing to reflect the value you deliver, the audience you cater to, and the unique experiences you create. Dive into strategies that will have your workshops booked out and your business thriving.


Vital Legal Waiver (Template)

Use the easy edit template inside to make your waivers copy/paste/print simple and ensure all attendees consent to being featured in promotional materials, safeguarding your right to use images and videos for marketing, without compromising on legality or attendee experience. This segment is pivotal for anyone looking to host worry-free, legally secure events.


Going Live: Your Ideal Timeline

For crafting the ideal timeline for your live charcuterie workshop, learn how to efficiently manage the flow of your event from start to finish. This section of our course provides you with a detailed, step-by-step guide ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your guests. Discover tips on timing your introduction, instruction, and interactive activities, making sure every moment is engaging. Perfect for ensuring your workshop runs smoothly, leaving attendees satisfied and eager for more.


Powerful Local Promotions

Using effective, locally-focused strategies that fill your workshops is a must. Inside this segment you will learn everything from leveraging social media groups and local business partnerships to hosting irresistible giveaways, learn how to create buzz and draw in an audience that's as passionate about charcuterie as you are.

BONUS: You will also get our $1/day local FaceBook ads method that sold $3,675 in workshop sales for only $5/day.


Easy Edit Templates

All the templates you could need, for social posting, local reach out (including venues, media, influencers and more) promotions and even your legal waivers are provided inside with simple, Canva based links as well as PDF's for you to download and make your own!

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Your Investment Is Only $249 - Which Can Be More Than Covered By Selling ONE Workshop!

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